Century Week – 100 Miles/ 100 Beers

In the past 7 days one man has been on a crazy quest to run a century of miles and sink a ton of beers! When I first heard of this challenge I wondered what type of person would be qualified for this amazing feat. Step forwards 2:24 marathoner and Beer Mile American record holder Chris Robertson.

Photo by Fleetfeet.com

Robertson ran an incredible 4:46 mile while downing 4 beers before each 400m lap to set the second fastest time in history in 2017 in his home state of Chicago and also won the annual Beer Mile World Classic in London that same year. He also boasts a regular mile PB of 4:13 & regularly runs 75 mile weeks but could he put all these accolades together for achieve the magical century week?

Beer Mile World Classic, London

We followed Chris’s day by day journey via his Instagram stories in which he was kind enough to tag us into his updates. With 2 runs a day followed by a drinking session each evening at home the Lowa State University graduate cruised through the early stages of the week racking up 47 miles and 53 beers.

For the following 3 days Chris’s strategy was to get a 9 mile run done in the morning followed by a 4 miler late afternoon then get 10+ beers down his neck before getting a decent night’s sleep. All his runs were done at a respectable pace around 7 minutes per mile.

Going into the final day the quirky athlete had ticked off 86 miles and 87 cans of larger meaning all that was left was a morning half marathon, which he knocked out in under 90 minutes, then a beer mile to finish the century of running. What a apt way to complete and the champ sped through it in a comfortable time of just over 6 minutes in stormy weather.

Chris’s Instagram story

The final 9 celebratory beers were finished off by 6pm. Challenge complete Chris proclaimed ‘the night was still young’ and polished off another 4 beers for good measure before getting a well earned rest. What a hero.


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